A few items have been cloned to repair GUID conflicts. Those items, identified by "_idfix" in the file names) have now replaced the original in all of the downloads. Please redownload the following to ensure everything works properly in your games.

Midlantic Tan Brick Theme

One of the objects that has been replaced was a piece of roof used in the Midlantic house (bunmatbhighroof1.iff). This meant the house using it (House03.iff)also needed to be replaced (using the new piece).

    The following zips were affected:
  • High Building Kit 2 (objects)
  • The Midlantic House - Lot 3 (House Only)
  • The BIG ZIP (everything in theme)

Architectural Salvage

Two windows (bunarcsalpanowin.iff and bunarcsalpanowi7.iff)were replaced.

    The following zip was affected:
  • Cityscape Tower Block View windows (bunascitywins.zip)


One of the patches of pebbles (bunlscriverpebbles4.iff)and three of the rocks with ferns (bunlscrocksnferns2.iff, bunlscrocksnferns3.iff, and bunlscrocksnferns5.iff) were replaced (

    The following zips were affected:
  • Five pebble ground cover sets (bunlscpriverpebs.zip)
  • Five Rocks & Ferns groundcovers (bunlscprocksferns.zip)

Turkish Bathhouse Laundry ADD-ON

Two wall shelves (bunturkishrecessats1.iff and bunturklaundrywallshelf3.iff), a counter (bunturklaundrycounter2.iff), and the Antique Range (bunturkrange.iff) have been replaced.

Since these laundry items are an add-on set, made after the Bathhouse was built, neither the house itself nore the BIG ZIP is unaffected by this.

    The following zips were affected:
  • Cast Iron Range & Mangle (bunturkishrangenew1.zip)
  • Recessed Shelving &anp; Radiators(bunturkishradiators.zip)
  • Modern Day Wash Kit (bunturkishlaundry.zip)

Maxis Match: The Reno Theme

Three paintings (bunrenoformalprint5.iff, bunrenofruit3.iff,and bunrenolabel2.iff) and a bookcase/cabinet (bunrenolargecab4.iff) have been replaced

    The following zips were affected:
  • Five cabinets (bunreno06.zip)
  • bunreno09.zip
  • bunreno10.zip
  • bunreno11.zip

Maxis Match: Knot-a-Rock/Black Hills Theme

Until very recently this theme was only available by request at N99.

Two items have been replaced, a wall divider (mifkrfdivider3.iff) and a window (mifkrfwinset.iff)

There is one more object ID conflict to be aware of since I did NOT make a replacement file for it. Saving the Sims has a zip of Donations files (that is no longer available from any other source, as far as I know). One of the lovely calla lily windows from it (mifsgwcalla.iff) has an object id conflict with one of the patches of tulips from the Midlantic House. I chose to NOT clone the tulips (tulips5) in this case.