Conservation projects of the magnitude you will find here usually requires the contribution of many skilled professionals, vast amount of time and almost unlimited budget. But not in your Sim Neighbourhood! Thanks to The Bunny Wuffles Cultural Heritage Foundation, all you need do is sacrifice some Simoleans, a few moments here at the Foundation and a few MB of your hard drive.

"This is a question not only for conservation but also for the arts & culture. And it's a question for many countries, because we all are beginning to recognise the difficult choices we have to make in terms of what we can spend on our social environment" says Miguel Angel Corzo, Director of the Getty Conservation Institute. "I believe that the arts and humanities are an essential part of life. They provide a sense of identity, of belonging, of integration with the spirit. They really are the food of the soul. You can't stop feeding the soul if you want to survive. Culture and the arts are inherent to humankind. The ability and the inclination to create are the essence of what distinguishes human beings from the other species. Preservation of the cultural heritage is necessary for the survival of the spirit".

The Cultural Heritage Foundation
is divided into the categories listed below

click the links to find the objects, walls, floors, & houses in the following themes:

The Brunel Theme
The (Victorian) Turkish Baths
The Palm House, Kew
The Marius
Bana Brick, A Maxis Match Theme
The Midlantic, A Maxis Match Theme
Knota Rock, A Maxis Match Theme
Window, Windows, Windows!
Architectural Salvage
Urban Textural Archives (Walls and Floors)

The following themes may be requested at N99

Church of Auvers
New Amsterdam, A Maxis Match Theme
Christmas Items